Studio HaHaHals

Now in the Frans Hals Museum: Studio HaHaHals!

Did you know that it’s OK to laugh at old paintings? They’re not always deadly serious. Some artists hid jokes in their paintings, others painted jolly people. Frans Hals was very good at it, so he’s sometimes called the master of smiles. Put yourself in the shoes of a seventeenth-century
character and make a funny group portrait in our photo studio. You can bring the characters back to life and put yourself in really strange situations by using funny clothes, crazy objects and a colourful 3D-setting. Can you make the most hilarious picture?

Come to Studio HaHaHals and create
a funny group portrait
1 Choose a character
2 Choose clothes and attributes
3 Put your own mobile phone in the holder
4 Ready? Step into the painting and take a photo
5 Share your photo on social media with #hahahals

Studio HaHaHals is made possible in part by the Association of Friends of the Frans Hals Museum | De Hallen Haarlem.


  • Bank Giro Loterij
  • Mondriaanfonds
  • Haarlem