Haarlem Gourmand Requested

25 August 2017

For a special project in relation to the exhibition A Global Table the Frans Hals Museum | The Hallen Haarlem will work together with Creative Chef Jasper Udink ten Cate. Adding an extra element to the exhibition – which will be on show from September 23 – the chef will make portraits of Haarlem residents and their favorite dish. To create a true Haarlem Global Table we are looking for Haarlemmers with different backgrounds: everyone with roots in Africa, Australia, Asia, North America, South America or Europe is welcome to participate! The photos will be exposed at The Hallen Haarlem and the dishes will be served at the opening of the exhibition. Send an email to info@creativechef.nl.

Photo Mitchell van Voorbergen


  • Bank Giro Loterij
  • Mondriaanfonds
  • Haarlem