Guided tours & group visits

Group subscriptions

To subscribe a group (15 persons and more) please contact T +31 (0)23 5115775, or send us an e-mail. Please fill in all the required fields stated in the e-mail.

Guided tours

Guided Tours of the collection of Old Masters are provided on request (in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Turkish). You can choose from the following themes:

  • General tour of the museum
  • 16th and 17th century paintings
  • Painting in Haarlem around 1600
  • Frans Hals and the Civic Guards portraits

Prices 60 minutes tour
A tour for a maximum of 15 persons per hour will cost:
On weekdays € 75,00
On Saturday and Sundays € 85,-

It is also possible to book a 90 minutes tour!
On weekdays € 95,00
On Saturday and Sundays € 110,-

You are welcome to start your visit at the museum with your group at 10.00 am. If you want to start at 10 am, we are forced to charge an extra 200 euro due to the deployment of the additional staff.

Entrance fee is not included. For more information and bookings, please contact Bob Smit T +31 (0)23 5115775 or by e-mail.

Giving your own talk

It is also possible for groups to hire the auditorium or Frans Hals Atelier. There are facilities for presentations, a digiboard, microphone and PC. Please telephone +31 (0)23 5115853 or send us an e-mail. Please fill in all the required fields stated in the e-mail.


Letting passengers get off/on the coach is possible at the corner of Gasthuisvest/Groot Heiligland, but coaches are only allowed to make a short stop there.
Parking space for coaches is on Dreef (closest to the museum), where there are two parking places near the ‘Provinciehuis’. On Gonnetstraat, near the Central Station, there are also two places.


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  • Mondriaanfonds
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