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Satire of Tulipomania
Satire of Tulipomania Satire of Tulipomania

By Jan Brueghel (II)

Satire of Tulipomania
Satire of Tulipomania Satire of Tulipomania

In the 17th century tulips became an extraordinary craze in the Netherlands. A flourishing trade in tulips and tulip bulbs developed. Prices rose to unheard-of levels and speculation was rife. The result was huge profits and huge losses. This painting makes fun of the tulip dealers. Monkeys negotiate, monkeys weigh bulbs, monkeys count money and monkeys do the administration. The monkey on the left has a list with the prices of bulbs. On the right a monkey urinates on tulips, the idea being to poke fun at the tulip mania.



On display



oil on panel


31 x 49 cm


Frans Hals Museum, Acquired with support from the Rembrandt Association. Photo: René Gerritsen

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