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Tentacle Thought nr: 4
Tentacle Thought nr: 4 Tentacle Thought nr: 4

By Navid Nuur

Tentacle Thought nr: 4
Tentacle Thought nr: 4 Tentacle Thought nr: 4

A spider’s web of fluorescent tubes hangs in a corner of the room. The sculpture is the fourth in a series of light works in which artist Navid Nuur interferes with the existing lighting set-up of an exhibition space. This variant originated in Nuur’s solo exhibition in Buro Leeuwarden in 2008, where he removed the 12 fluorescent tubes from the museum space’s lighting system and ‘returned’ them in a new composition. Tentacle Thought nr: 4 is a reconstruction of that context. This light sculpture by Nuur reflects the artist’s love for accidentally found, everyday materials, from which he has the ability to create something magical and poetic. Coincidence and intuition often play a role in his creative process.



On display



Frans Hals Museum, Photo: Cathleen Schuster & Marcel Dickhage

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