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The Krazy House
The Krazy House The Krazy House

By Rineke Dijkstra

The Krazy House
The Krazy House The Krazy House

The Krazy House is a four-channel video project that focuses on dancing teenagers, and with it, Rineke Dijkstra explores the body language and dress codes of youth culture. The young people portrayed were filmed in a purpose-built photo studio on the dance floor of The Krazy House discotheque in Liverpool. Filming took place while the club was closed, and the young people danced in front of the camera to their favourite music. The results are understated performances, sharply captured against a neutral white background. We see images of an introvert, dreamy dancing girl, but also the outrageous dance moves of a Goth boy.



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4-kanaals hd video-installation (16:9) met geluid | 4-channel hd video-installation (16:9) with sound


© 2009 Rineke Dijkstra. All rights reserved. Acquired together with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2012; Met dank aan het Mondriaan Fonds|With financial support form the Mondriaan Fund

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