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Judith Jansdr Leyster
Judith Jansdr Leyster Judith Jansdr Leyster

Judith Jansdr. Leyster (Haarlem, 1609 – Heemstede, 1660) was a Dutch Golden Age painter and draftswoman from North-Holland. She worked alternately in both Haarlem and Amsterdam. In 1633 she became a member of the Harlem Guild of Saint Luke as the first female painter and obtained the title ‘Master Painter’.

Judith Leyster was a pupil of both Frans Hals and her husband, Jan Miense Molenaer. She mainly painted genre scenes, portraits and still lifes. Because her method of painting was deceptively similar to that of Frans Hals’, a number of her paintings were, for a long time, attributed to him.

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1609, Haarlem


1660, Heemstede


1609, Born


Portrait of an Unknown Woman

1660, Died

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