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Different than normal. Philosophising with art
Different than normal. Philosophising with art Different than normal. Philosophising with art


60 minutes


7 & 8


€120 per class (max 32 students)


Frans Hals Museum - Hal

Frans Hals was far ahead of his time

He portrayed people more freely and looser than other painters of the Golden Age, and he also painted people other than the rich upper class. In his art, he already showed that things can be done differently. But what is normal? And what is different? This is what students in the top two years of primary school discuss during a philosophical museum visit.

The exhibition Noise! – Frans Hals Otherwise shows (wo)man as a multifaceted being. Today’s artists explore the boundaries of their own identity, cross them, and go in search of the divergent. Through philosophical questions, students discover where they stand in the world, and play with the image of ‘me and the other’. In a safe environment full of fascinating works of art, the students engage in conversations with each other.

The Golden Age and the present day come together in the new Frans Hals Museum. The unique mix of old and new with innovative forms of engagement leads to countless discoveries and heaps of inspiration. Meet at Frans Hals Museum!

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Frans Hals

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Jan van Scorel

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Maerten van Heemskerck

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Meet at Frans Hals!

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