Repainting artworks

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Discover the museum with Sjaak de Suppoost
Discover the museum with Sjaak de Suppoost Discover the museum with Sjaak de Suppoost


60 minutes




€120 per class (max 32 students)


Frans Hals Museum - Hof

What does a museum contain? And what is ‘a work of art’ exactly?

In this theatrical encounter with the new Frans Hals Museum – led by Sjaak de Suppoost – the youngest children discover everything that has to do with art in a museum.

Active teaching methods stimulate the pupils to discover and do things themselves. Which is the largest painting? And which is the smallest? Is something new or old? The children are introduced to the museum and the art of the past and present. Through games that focus on looking at art, they find different shapes, colours, lines and dots: the building blocks of a painting.

Children are welcomed by the guide, who takes them on a voyage of discovery through the museum. But, is he a real guide… or is it perhaps… Frans Hals himself?!

Teaching material

For this visit we have developed a preparatory and processing lesson. You will receive a link to the digital material when confirming your booking.

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Frans Hals

Koos Breukel

Jan van Scorel

Guido van der Werve

Maerten van Heemskerck

Drag & drop if you like

or dislike it

Go on! Drag me around!

Are you sure?!

I don't like him aswell

He doesn't like you I'm afraid

Meet at Frans Hals!

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