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Draw a colourful portrait
Draw a colourful portrait Draw a colourful portrait


± 30 minutes

Mini drawing workshop with Jesse Strikwerda

Get yourself started by drawing a colourful portrait of yourself, or someone else, during this lockdown. In this video artist Jesse Strikwerda gives you tips & tricks on how to draw a colourful portrait yourself. Let’s brighten things up again!

Share the result with us via @franshalsmuseum on Facebook or Instagram with #kleurjeportret or send us your drawing. We will display it in the museum, together with all the other entries as soon as we are allowed to open to the public again. Our address can be found here.

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You will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil crayons, or markers (in different colors)
  • A face (a picture, photo, or someone sitting in front of you)


Step 1: Look closely
Take about one minute to look closely at the face.

Step 2: Basic Shapes
What shape is the face? Round, square, rectangular? Is it long or crooked? Oval? Draw the shape on your paper. Use the space well!

Step 3: Special Features
What immediately strikes you about the face? That’s the hallmark. For example, a large nose, a curly moustache, a beard, thin lips or glasses. Draw this part of the face in one special colour. You can even exaggerate it a bit, for fun!

Step 4: Appearance
How does the face look to you? Tough, sweet, sad, or something else…? Give the face an emotion. You don’t have to draw in great detail, you can also convey an emotion through a certain colour. Maybe happy eyes are yellow or orange. And sad eyes just water-blue? Use your imagination.

Step 5: Fill in details
Fill the empty spaces on your page with colour. Draw a frame around the face, as if it were a painting. Don’t forget to put your signature or name at the bottom.

Voila! Job’s done, artist!

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