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Museum in bloom
Museum in bloom Museum in bloom




± 60 minutes

Lavish, colorful, exhilarating

Each spring, the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem literally blossoms. Rooms showcasing old masters and contemporary art are adorned with magnificent floral creations arranged in the most beautiful of the museum’s historic vase collection, which is temporarily augmented by a selection of loaned works.

It’s a rare sight: fresh flowers and plants in a museum hall. Yet once a year, during a period that coincides with the opening of the nearby Keukenhof in Lisse, the Frans Hals Museum’s Hof building proves that it’s perfectly possible under strict conditions, and the museum assumes a distinct homely and floral air.

This year, the Frans Hals Museum has chosen to present Museum in Bloom in an enthralling diptych. From 21 March to 19 April, visitors can admire stunning floral creations composed by the Friends of the Frans Hals Museum. Their presentation is characterised by exuberant and subtle bouquets alike, each painstakingly matched to the style of the room and its paintings.

From 20 April, floral designer Paul Wijkmeijer and his team from the renowned Klavertje Vijf flower studio in Haarlem will unleash their creativity on a theme that suits Wijkmeijer to a tee. His bouquets are lavish, colourful and exhilarating; he constantly seeks new ways to put flowers centre stage and never shies from audacious compositions.

Museum in Bloom is made possible thanks to a close collaboration with the Friends of the Frans Hals Museum.



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