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Family Summer
Family Summer Family Summer

Photo: Mo Schalkx

Photo: Mo Schalkx




± 60 minutes

Inside & outside fun in Frans Hals Museum – Hof

From 7 June until 15 September a visit to the exhibition Haarlem Heroes is extra festive. This summer there are extra Activity Hubs in the museum, where you can make art yourself. Discover more about our ‘Haarlem Heroes’ and ‘other masters’ in room 23 and in our special summer garden.

Photo: Mo Schalkx

Come to the museum together and celebrate your Haarlem hero. Who do you admire? Crown your father or best friend or become a hero yourself. Beat your mother at a game of megamemory in the garden using your special superpowers! Are you a real hero with words? Then set down at one of the typewriters and type your ode to the city of Haarlem, or show us your talent for drawing and add your own portrait to our medal parade. And in the summer garden you can take a picture with the whole family in 17th century Haarlem.

Take your own family leaflet at the entrance or in room 1 and go explore the exhibition together. And to make things even more fun: admission to the museum is free for children until the age of 18.

Photo: Mo Schalkx

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