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Re-view…-tours Re-view…-tours

Frans Hals, Regents of St Elisabeth’s Hospital, 1641




± 60 minutes

Every last friday of the month


New in 2020: Re-view…-tours! Every last Friday of the month you can join a free, Dutch-spoken, tour to discover the Frans Hals Museum from a different perspective. In this tour, an expert shows you his/her favorite artworks in the Haarlem Heroes. Other Masters exhibition. From fashion designers to hairdressers and curators- a fresh point of view every time!

28 February: Erik van Rossem, arthandler

You can look at art, often from a distance, with your hands on your back. But what if you can touch paintings?
Erik van Rossem is an art handler. Managing and relocating art is his profession. How do you lift a large painting from a tiny space? What dangers are hidden in small corners? You will hear more about this in this tour!

Frans Hals, Regents of St Elisabeth’s Hospital, 1641


De tour starts at 3 p.m. at the ticket desk of location Hof (Groot Heiligland 62). Entrance is free, in combination with al valid entrance ticket to the museum. You do need to ‘purchase’ a free ticket online, which you can order here of via de button ‘buy tickets’ op deze pagina. There is room for a maximum of 15 people. The tour is Dutch-spoken.

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