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What is the new museum?


On 29 March 2018, the Frans Hals Museum, with its outstanding collection of Old Masters, and De Hallen Haarlem, the museum for contemporary and modern art in Haarlem, were united via a ‘marriage’ at the City Hall in Haarlem to become ‘one museum at two locations’ – Hof and Hal. The new museum offers three different types of art in terms of programming: old art, contemporary art, and a combination of the two (fusion). The starting point here is the transhistoric: the connectedness of art through the ages. Works of art from different periods are displayed together where possible, and separated where necessary.

What is the new museum called?

The Frans Hals Museum. It is one museum at two locations: Hof is situated at Groot Heiligland 62, and Hal at Grote Markt 16 (the former De Hallen Haarlem’s location).

What has happened to De Hallen Haarlem?

As with a traditional marriage, one of the partners has adopted the name of the other. But rest assured, the only thing to have disappeared at De Hallen Haarlem is its name. Supporting contemporary talent remains a constant theme in our exhibition policy, which constantly aims to recognise the vital impulses of our time and to highlight striking contemporary developments. And as the Frans Hals Museum, we will continue to present solo exhibitions at the Grote Markt – as well as at the Groot Heiligland location – of internationally acclaimed artists who have not yet shown in the Netherlands.

What can we see at the new Frans Hals Museum?

The new museum offers three levels in its programming strategy: old art, contemporary art and a combination of the two. The opening exhibition Rendez-vous with Frans Hals is a good example of that combination, as is the internationally acclaimed exhibition Frans Hals and the Moderns, which in the autumn of 2018 will display the works of both an Old Master (Hals) and Modernists (Manet, Singer Sargent and Van Gogh). This also means that the whole of 2018 will be dominated by our ‘House Master’ Frans Hals.

In addition to the collection of Hals’ works that will be on show in both exhibitions, we will also be exhibiting a selection of approximately 50 works that form the highlights of our old art collection (the Haarlem school) in 2018. These shall hang in our Salon in a ‘wunderkammer’ arrangement, with all the paintings positioned next to and above each other. The famous doll’s house can also still be seen. And in 2019, our permanent collection of old art will once again be extensively displayed, as will exhibitions showing contemporary art. Last but certainty not least, the stimulating mix of old and new will also occasionally make an appearance.

Can old art also be seen at the Hal location of the new Frans Hals Museum?

Not in the near future. Unfortunately, due to climate reasons, the Hal location is not suitable for displaying old art. But it is something we would like to be able to address in the future (see 8).

Why has the museum been renewed?

The museum wants to be relevant, interesting and distinctive for its visitors, and therefore programmes innovative exhibitions that will excite and amaze the public as much as possible. The starting point here is the transhistoric: the connectedness of art through the ages. What does the art of today have to do with the art of yesteryear? Works of art from different periods are displayed together where possible, and separated where necessary. But the programme also includes exhibitions that focus only on old art or exhibitions with contemporary artists

Why is there a new identity?

The Frans Hals Museum is a strong brand that we want to keep. The amalgamation with De Hallen Haarlem offers the possibility to bring a recognisable, new brand to life and to unite two house styles and two websites into one. This new identity positions the museum as a meeting place for contrasts: Past and present, paint and pixels, young and old, east and west, serious and funny, praise and criticism, Haarlem and the world. The identity and the new, fresh house style have been developed in collaboration with KesselsKramer, an agency praised for its creative and striking style and known for its communications campaigns for, among others, Ben, I amsterdam, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, and NEMO science museum.

The museum’s new dynamic, state-of-the-art website, with its visually high-quality content, was designed by KesselsKramer, and designed and built by Build in Amsterdam, an agency that won the Awwwards’ [SIC] – an award that recognises the best digital designers, developers and agencies in the world – in 2017 and 2018.

Why will it be developed at a later date?

The renovation of the museum’s buildings is necessary in order to make it more visitor-friendly, enable the art to be seen in its best light, and to solve logistical problems. The historical qualities of both buildings form the starting point of the designs. The transition to one distinguishable, accessible and attractive museum takes place in collaboration with the award-winning architecture and design firm SO-IL from New York, of which former Haarlemmer Florian Idenburg and his wife Jing Liu are the founders. Idenburg is responsible for the award-winning design of the New Museum of Contemporary Art New York, and SO-IL is behind the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art in Davis, US. The firm wants to transform the museum into a ‘collection of rooms’ and will be working in collaboration with the Amsterdam agency MeesVisser to realise this plan.

The museum wants to be approachable and accessible to (inter)national visitors and Haarlem’s residents, and shall do this by proverbially opening the doors of both buildings as wide as possible and making public spaces such as the museum café and museum shop more appealing for both the young and old. Both locations will house informal art salons, where visitors can enjoy art free of charge while enjoying a cup of coffee. The inner garden of the Hof location will be a pleasant place to come and relax (free of charge) with art and greenery, while the Hal location’s roof terrace, with mini-sculpture garden, will offer a unique view of Grote Markt and the beautiful historic city centre of Haarlem.

When will it be developed?

Redevelopment is expected to take place as of 2020.

How do I get to the museum?

For the accessibility of both locations, please see here.

What are the opening hours of the new Frans Hals Museum?

In both locations Hof & Hal:

Monday closed
Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sundays & Holidays noon – 5 p.m.
Closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day
The museum café (Hof) opens at 11 a.m.


Click here to see what we mean by holidays.

Are the Hof and Hal within walking distance of each other?

Yes. The locations are a seven-minute walk from each other. Click here for information on the scenic walk between the two.

What is the easiest way to get from one location to the other?

On foot or by bike.

Has the entrance fee for the new Frans Hals Museum increased?

In 2017 the entrance fee for the Frans Hals Museum was €12.50 and for De Hallen Haarlem €7.50. With the new museum, visitors only need to purchase one admission ticket. This costs €16, and is valid for both locations. The Museum Card is of course still valid and can be bought in the museum.


For some exhibitions, visitors may be required to pay a surcharge. The reason for this is because, for that particular exhibition, the museum has borrowed paintings from other museums – both in the Netherlands and abroad. This involves high transport and insurance costs. Therefore, the museum requests a surcharge for admission, otherwise it would not be able to organise an exhibition of such size and quality.

How long is an admission ticket valid for?

One month.

How do I get an admission ticket?

Admission tickets can be purchased via this website or directly at either location of the museum, where you can also pay with credit cards and other debit cards.

Are there strict rules in the museum?

Not really. The most important thing to know is that food, drinks and dogs (with the exception of Guide and Assistance Dogs, please see 18) are not allowed inside the museum.

Furthermore, we ask you to store larger bags (backpacks, shoulder bags, etc.) in one of our complimentary lockers. Photography is permitted, but we ask you to contact us in advance if you wish to take professional photographs (for example if you intend to use lights and/or a tripod). The full version of the Visitor Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Are there special facilities?

The majority of the Frans Hals Museum is wheelchair accessible. We have a number of (standard) wheelchairs available in-house. Please call +31 (0)23 511 5775 and we will happily prepare one for your visit. Guide Dogs and dogs that come along to assist those in need are the only dogs that are allowed to enter the museum.

The museum offers a baby changing- and nursing room.

Is there free Wi-Fi in the museum?


Is there a museum shop and café?

Yes. In Hal, there is a small shop, while Hof has a more extensive shop and a museum café with good-quality coffee, delicious sandwiches, cakes and great-tasting drinks. The café opens at the same time as the museum, but closes half an hour earlier.

Do you give guided tours?

Indeed, we do. We have a group of adept, well-educated and, above all, lovely museum lecturers available and ready to take you through the museum. They know about old, modern and contemporary art and are also curious to find out what your thoughts and opinions are. What’s more, they are just as enthusiastic to work with a group of pre-schoolers as with a coach load of American tourists. More info can be found here [link naar rondleidingen en audiotours].

And audio tours, do you have those too?

Usually, yes. But it depends on the exhibition that we offer. For example, the exhibition Rendez-vous with Frans Hals is less suitable for an audio tour than the autumn exhibition Frans Hals and the Moderns. For the permanent collection, we offer an audio tour in Dutch, English, German and French. And we provide our audio tours free of charge.

Can I organise a dinner in one of the beautiful museum halls in the evening?

Yes, you can. If you are interested in organising a dinner or would like to rent the lecture rooms, please contact us via meet@franshalsmuseum.

How can I support the new Frans Hals Museum?

We are very grateful for your kindness and can always use your help. There are various possibilities for supporting us, which you can find out more about here.

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