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Essays on the Transhistorical
Essays on the Transhistorical Essays on the Transhistorical

A series of essays by international authors exploring the notion of the Transhistorical Museum.

These essays discuss different approaches, theories and backgrounds to the transistorical

The essays can be found and downloaded here.


The Transhistorical and Korean Dansaekhwa – Simon Morley (2018)

Curating (through) Time: The Temporal Ecology of the Fieldwork Museum – Julie Louise Bacon (2018)

Mazes and Mirrors, Reflections and Play (Museum Objects as a Cast of Characters) – Rebecca Keller (2018)

The Origins of the Transhistorical Museum: The Artist as Curator – Natalie Musteata (2018)

Re-activating Museum Objects, Reconstructing Modernist Subjectivities: El Lissitzky’s Abstract Cabinet (1927) and the Historicized Spectator – Yvonne Bialek, Cornelia Durka and Philipp Sack (2018)

Playing with Time. Reading Museolgical Collections through Contemporary Site-specific Art Installations: The Case of Tomorrow by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset at V & A Museum (London) – Alice Ciresola (2018)

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