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Do you ever go to the museum with your (grand)parents?

The Frans Hals Museum has a lot on offer for families to do and experience. Visit our exciting creative HUBS in both the Hal and Hof locations, and discover what it is like to be an artist. Recreate something that you have seen in the museum together at one of the drawing tables. And for the adventurous ones among you, go on a quest with our family-leaflet and sketchbook to find the smallest of details in the largest of paintings.

Family summer

This summer, a visit to the Frans Hals Museum is super fun! With lots of extra Hubs installed at both locations and in the Hof garden where you can unleash your creative genius. Test your Haarlem Heroes superpower in a game of draughts or memory with your granny. Take a seat at the typewriter and write an ode to the city of Haarlem. Or, show off your virtuoso drawing skills and add your heroic portrait to the farthing parade. And don’t forget your picnic gear!

Workshops and guided tours

During public- and school holidays, we organise a range of fun activities for the whole family. You can find more about guided tours and workshops in our calendar.

Do it yourself: family booklet and HUBs

Would you rather go out on your own? Our new, freely available family booklet and sketchbook will make your visit even more fun! You can be creative in our HUBS. Here you will find various fun and creative drawing assignments.

The museum inspectors of MuseumKids awarded the Frans Hals Museum a fantastic score of 8! Become a museum inspector and let us know how you found your visit.

Celebrate your birthday at the Frans Hals Museum!

If you’re aged between 5 and 10 years, and want to celebrate your party in our museum, then hip hip hooray: you can! There are plenty of different festive things to choose from, and, naturally, we will provide tasty treats and a nice gift for the birthday girl/boy. That’s how, together, we ensure a fun day for all!

  • Maximum 15 children
  • 1 adult per 15 children is compulsory
  • Cost: €125
  • Duration: 90 minutes


Contact us here to discuss the options.

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