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Celebrate your birthday in the Frans Hals Museum!

Are you between 5 and 10 years old and do you want to celebrate your birthday party in a cool, danceable and artistic way? Then book a disco painting party in the Frans Hals Museum!

Workshop DISCO PAINTING: artistic children's party on popping beats (available from 2 January 2020)

In this workshop you shake yourself as loosely as Frans Hals could paint! Especially for the birthday boy or girl, we redecorate our painting studio into a disco hall. We drop colorful blobs of paint on swinging beats on the canvas. We use the same techniques as Frans Hals did. This way you create a cool work of art and become a virtuoso painter like Frans Hals!

The workshop also includes a short museum visit and we will, of course, provide you with some goodies. Let’s make it a fun day together!

Duration: 120 minutes
Costs: 200 euros
Number of people: max. 15 children + 1 companion

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