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Exhibitions & events
Exhibitions & events Exhibitions & events

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The Hals Phenomenon
A Glimpse into the Fascinating World of Frans…
Location Hof
Infinite Gardens
Infinite Gardens
Location Hof
The Upper Chamber of Aart Taminiau
A search for the identity of the Oude…
Location Hal
Frans Hals, Otherwise
Location Hal
Frans Hals and the Moderns
Hals meets Manet, Singer Sargent, Van Gogh
Location Hof

New Publication

The Transhistorical Museum: Mapping the Field

Frans in The New York Times

Museums Shake Things Up by Mixing Old and…

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Instagram highlights Instagram highlights

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Franshalsmuseum MIDWEEK MASTERPIECE Frans Hals Banquet of the Officers of the …
Franshalsmuseum ART ROULETTEWhen Koos Breukel meets Frans HalsUpper image: Koos Breukel, …
Franshalsmuseum RENDEZVOUS WITH FRANS HALS Kerry James Marshall meets Frans Hals …
Franshalsmuseum MIDWEEK MASTERPIECE Roger Raveel Stepping into improbability, 1994 Oil on …
Franshalsmuseum Midweek masterpiece. Frans Hals The Traveller, ca. 1650Oil on panel …
Franshalsmuseum De Hallen Haarlem and the Frans Hals Museum have come …
Franshalsmuseum Our director Ann Demeester, cutting the wedding cake at the …
Franshalsmuseum Hidden treasures. Martha Colburn (Pennsylvania, 1971) Myth Labs, 200816 mm …
Franshalsmuseum Hidden treasures. Gabriel Lester (Amsterdam, 1972) How to Act, 1999–2015Light …
Franshalsmuseum In the spotlight. Patricia Kaersenhout (The Netherlands/Suriname, 1966)The Soul of …

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