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Look with Kessels

The merging of the Frans Hals Museum and…

A marriage made in art heaven

After a great deal of flirting and a…

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Instagram highlights Instagram highlights

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Franshalsmuseum Midweek masterpiece. Frans Hals The Traveller, ca. 1650Oil on panel …
Franshalsmuseum De Hallen Haarlem and the Frans Hals Museum have come …
Franshalsmuseum Our director Ann Demeester, cutting the wedding cake at the …
Franshalsmuseum Hidden treasures. Martha Colburn (Pennsylvania, 1971) Myth Labs, 200816 mm …
Franshalsmuseum Hidden treasures. Gabriel Lester (Amsterdam, 1972) How to Act, 1999–2015Light …
Franshalsmuseum In the spotlight. Patricia Kaersenhout (The Netherlands/Suriname, 1966)The Soul of …
Franshalsmuseum HIDDEN TREASURES Joost Conijn Siddieqa, Firdaus, Abdallah, Soelayman, Moestafa, Hawwa …
Franshalsmuseum Hidden treasures. Matt Stokes Long After Tonight, 2005Super 16mm film …
Franshalsmuseum In the spotlight. Mona Vatamanu (Bucharest, 1968) and Florin Tudor …
Franshalsmuseum Hidden treasures. Hans Scholten Urban Future: Lebanon, Beirut, cahier 01 …

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