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The garden will be closed to visitors from 15 to 19 April.

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If you hold art close to your heart, then you will certainly feel good about making a donation or leaving a gift to the museum in your Will. Whatever form or size your gesture may be: Frans Hals is grateful for, and delighted with, every donation!

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Giving is just as nice as receiving

The Frans Hals Museum finds your support particularly useful for acquisitions, restorations, research, exhibitions and educational programmes. Donating can be a one-time thing or recurring, with a fixed amount over a longer period. If you make a donation, you can decide for yourself where your contribution goes: the museum as a whole, an exhibition, a specific educational project, or the collection. That way, giving is even more fun!

Doing a good deed is fiscally appealing

The Frans Hals Museum is a cultural ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation). In many instances, you can deduct donations from your annual fiscal revenue. If you support our museum with a fixed amount for a period of at least five years, then the Giving Act (Geefwet) allows for an additional deduction of 25%. The museum does not have to pay tax on your donation – so you can be sure that the entire donation is spent on your intended purpose.

If you would like to make a donation or receive some more information, please do not hesitate to contact our Coordinator Relationship Management Martijntje van Schooten, who will be happy to discuss/explain things further.

Donate as American Friend of the Frans Hals Museum

The Frans Hals Museum has an American Friends circle. Friends and fans, living in the United States, can support the Frans Hals Museum with financial contributions, which are used to support our mission by realizing projects and special exhibitions and to acquire art.

The American Friends of the Frans Hals Museum is an organization with a 501(c)(3) status. This means that the donations are fully tax deductible for US tax authorities. Please contact Annette Mullink or read more about the American Friends of the Frans Hals Museum here.

Add an (art) object to the collection

Another way of supporting the museum is by donating an object. However, please bear in mind that, no matter how happy Frans is with receiving such gifts, we do still have to be selective when acquiring new objects. This means that only objects that fit our collection policy can be accepted.

In order to process an object donation request, we kindly ask you to send a digital photo and as much information about the object as possible to

Make culture a legacy

The legacy of Frans Hals can be seen daily in the museum. Leaving a legacy in your Will is a very special way of giving. As an art lover, what could be nicer than to appoint the Frans Hals Museum as (joint) heir or legatee? In the first instance, you leave an inheritance or percentage of your assets; in the second, a specific amount or an object. The Frans Hals Museum has a cultural ANBI (Public Benefit Organisation) status, which means that it does not have to pay any inheritance tax. As a result, your legacy will fully benefit art and culture.

Fulfil personal wishes

If you would like to leave a certain amount or an object to the museum, you can appoint the Frans Hals Museum Foundation as heir in your Will. We will be happy to help you carefully formulate your personal wishes. In this way, it is possible to leave an inheritance subject to certain conditions, so that everything goes exactly the way you want. We also advise you to always discuss your plans with a notary.

Bequest or Legacy

You can choose between a bequest and a legacy for a cultural institute in your Will. A bequest is the option whereby the Frans Hals Museum receives an inheritance, i.e. a certain part or percentage of your estate, just like your family or other institutions. The exact amount depends on the total assets bequeathed.

A legacy means that you leave a certain amount of money or an object (such as a house or painting) to the Frans Hals Museum. Through a legacy, you can describe in your Will exactly what inheritance you wish to leave behind.

Set up a Will

If you have specific wishes about the distribution of your estate, a notary must record this for you in a Will. The preparation of a Will is simple, and your own civil-law notary can inform you about the details. If you choose to include the Frans Hals Museum in your Will, we would love to hear about it. That enables us to thank you and invite you to the museum. Naturally, you can always indicate if you do not wish to have any contact with us.

Annette Mullink will be happy to help you formulate your personal wishes and conditions. You can also discuss matters with your notary, who will have to record everything in your Will.

Start a fund in your name

If you’re looking for a nice, personal way to support the museum in a structural and targeted method, then why not create a fund in your name? Please contact Annette Mullink, who will be happy tell you all about the possibilities of this option.

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