Repainting artworks

Dear visitor,

Frans Hals looks forward to to receiving you (again) in the Frans Hals Museum. Because of the measures against the Corona virus, the preparation and your visit are slightly different than you may be used to.


To make your visit to the museum as safe and pleasant as possible, you need to be aware of and follow the measures we have taken, which you can find here on our website.

We will also send them along with your tickets and they will be placed on signs in the museum.

By purchasing a ticket you automatically declare that you are aware of these measures and that you comply with them.


The Frans Hals Museum is one museum in two locations;

Hof (Groot Heiligland 62) and Hal (Grote Markt 16). You can find the 16th and 17th century ‘old masters’ in Hof, combined with modern and contemporary works. In Hal you can expect exhibitions of modern and contemporary art.

Want to know what is on display now?
View the agenda here.

Which location would you like to visit?

From 21 September until 9 October the Hal location is closed due tue redesign for a new exhibition. Therefore there are no tickets for the Hal location available for that period.

NB. Despite corona, you can still visit both locations of the museum for one price. Because your visit is now linked to a fixed date and time, it is necessary to buy a ticket for both locations separately. If you have bought a ticket for the first location, you will find PDF with a discount code with that ticket. If you enter this discount code when ordering your ticket for the second location, the price of the second ticket will automatically be € 0.00.-

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