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At home with Jordaens
At home with Jordaens At home with Jordaens




In collaboration with the Phoebus Foundation, with the support of Katoen Natie and Indaver.


Fonds 21

J.C. Ruigrok Stichting

Mondriaan Fonds

Stichting Zabawas

Turing Foundation

Vereniging van Vrienden van het Frans Hals Museum

The exhibition has been supported by the Dutch government: an indemnity grant has been provided by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands on behalf of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science.


± 60 minutes

In association with The Phoebus Foundation, the Frans Hals Museum presents At Home with Jordaens: the first monographic exhibition of the seventeenth-century Antwerp-based master Jacob Jordaens in the Netherlands.

Like the Northern Netherlands have their Frans Hals, Rembrandt and Vermeer, the Southern Netherlands have their own Big Three: Jordaens, Rubens and Van Dyck. Just like his contemporary Frans Hals’s works, Jordaens’ paintings stand out for their loose, lifelike and somewhat idiosyncratic painting style.

Find out more about Jordaens and let yourself be surprised by the stories behind his ingenious and occasionally witty paintings. The present-day reconstruction of Jordaens’ showroom with its recently restored original painted doorway and its ceiling pieces makes this exhibition a truly unique experience. These works have never been shown together before, except in their original place in Jordaens’ house.

Step into Jordaens’ showroom
Jordaens made history paintings, portraits and genre scenes well into old age. He often took his immediate family as a source of inspiration and used his home as a showroom. His reception room – where he received his wealthy clients – was spectacularly decorated with paintings of his own hand. Even the doorways and the ceiling were completely painted. Recently, the paintings of the reception room that have been preserved have been completely restored and this autumn they can all be seen together again for the first time.

Especially for this exhibition, a present-day reconstruction of the reception room is being made in which the painted doorway and ceiling paintings can be viewed in a spectacular way. With the mirror floor, visitors are literally engulfed in the paintings and can experience what it must have been like to be in Jordaens’ showroom. This will make you feel as if you were ‘at home with Jordaens’, surrounded by his paintings, just like Jordaens intended it to be.

Organised in collaboration with The Phoebus Foundation, with the support of Katoen Natie and Indaver.

JACOB JORDAENS, The Old Folks Sing, The Young Folks Chirp, c. 1640 – 1645, The Phoebus Foundation

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