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Museum in Bloom
Museum in Bloom Museum in Bloom




Vibeke Struben, Vips team

Paul Wijkmeijer, team Klavertje Vijf


Friends of the Frans Hals Museum

Amsterdam Flower School

Annemieke's Picking Garden

Jasmijn Bloembinders

Dobbe Flowers

Open Air Theater Caprera


Nursery A.C. van Graven

Nursery Fred Booi

W.F. Leenen


± 60 minutes

Frans Loves Flowers

From 23 March to 2 June 2019 the rooms and corridors of the Frans Hals Museum will display bouquets of fresh flowers and other forms of the art of flower arranging. Enhancing the rooms with flowers in striking vases from the museum’s ceramics collection is a long-standing tradition. Thirty years ago, an enthusiastic team of Friends of the Frans Hals Museum decorated the interior of the building with stunning arrangements. A new exhibition format was born. This year we present Museum in Bloom, in which two teams, each with its own completely distinct style, look and feel, create in succession an unforgettable floral atmosphere in the museum. The ball is kicked off by the Friends’ team directed by Vibeke Struben. They will enhance the museum for four weeks, from 23 March to 28 April. After that the baton passes to flower arrangement artist Paul Wijkmeijer and his team from florists Klavertje Vijf, who will surprise visitors with their unique floral creations. 


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