Repainting artworks

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Beminnaers are passionate art connoisseurs who make the Frans Hals Museum’s internationally acclaimed exhibitions possible. Doors that are normally closed to the public are opened for Beminnaers. The museum’s director and team treat Beminnaers to special events both inside and outside the museum’s walls. Beminnaers are also welcome to visit the restoration studio and are invited to meet artists, curators and international experts.


Periodical Donation

From €1.500 per year

Become a Beminnaer


Rixt Wieringa
+31 (0)23 5115828

Photo: Maarten Nauw

Become a Beminnaer

You can become a Beminnaer by means of a periodic contribution of €1,500 (or more) per year. Beminnaers of the Frans Hals Museum commit themselves to the museum for a minimum period of five years, during which they enjoy a variety of privileges and personal contact with the museum team. For a personal explanation about the possibilities and privileges per package, please contact Gwen van Loon.

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